About Tim Perry


With over 24 years in the real estate industry, Tim Perry has a unique perspective with a background in realty and loans. More importantly, he prides himself in understanding each individual situation to ensure that his clients get the expertise they need. These qualities have helped close over 10,000 mortgages since 1993. (Yes, that’s four zeroes.)

In addition to his years of experience in both real estate and mortgages, Tim has owned commercial property, investment property and residential property, and has experience in rehabbing. Having developed a vast network of trustworthy professionals, Tim also confidently refers professionals in the following areas: insurance, law, title, appraisal, home inspection, construction, property management, and surveying.

An alumnus of Illinois State University, Tim currently lives in his native Park Ridge. He’s a member of the Park Ridge Country Club and an Eagle Scout, and spends his free time writing and painting (putting his art degree to good use). Tim treasures his time with his wife, three sons and two Labrador retrievers.